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Burch Landscape Services offers 2 Fertilizing Programs, a Traditional Synthetic Program or an Organic Program. Both programs are based on a balanced fertilizer application, 4 times a year.

  • Synthetic Program

    Our fertilizer blends are all slow release and are applied every 6 to 8 weeks. A higher nitrogen fertilizer in spring time gives the turf a jump start and a more balanced fertilizer for late spring and summer and a fall fertilizer in autumn.

  • Organic Program

    Our organic fertilizers are based on the foundation to treat the soil to gain healthy turf.

    This program consists of a soil analysis and 4 organic fertilizer applications to understand better what your soil lacks or has excess of that might prevent healthy turf growth.

    We take soil samples from your lawn and send them off to an independent lab. We then provide you with a prescription of corrective applications to balance your soil.

    Some common corrective applications could be to increase the organic matter in your soil, to balance the pH level and/or the potassium and magnesium levels. By adding the proper amount of these correctives, we can obtain a healthy soil which in turn will provide a healthy, green lush lawn.

“These products are also safe around children and pets and are environmentally friendly.”

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