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KWIK KERB uses machine-extruded continuous concrete edging to enhance gardens, driveways and any landscaped areas. The finished product not only looks great, but it is a cost-effective method to create mower strips, driveway curbs and very functional and stylish garden edges for any type of property.

KWIK KERB is produced in many styles and colours. Almost any colour can be chosen and shape and contours can be easily created in any landscape. The concrete curbing is quickly finished and the difference it makes to a front yard is simply amazing.

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Mowers Edge

Driveway Kerbs

KWIK KERB Patterns

KWIK KERB Profiles

Why you should consider KWIK KERB
  • Add prestige and value to your property
  • Easier trimming, weeding and edging
  • Retain mulch and soil where it belongs
  • Add shape, colour & contour to garden beds
  • Exclusive designs & patterns
  • Make your property stand out from the rest
  • Have the best landscaping in the neighbourhood

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